Mualima Sukadi

Sales Coordinator


Her story with Nixoderm

Back when I was working at a pharmacy, there would always be customers who asked for Nixoderm Ointment to treat their rashes and itches. It gave me the impression that Nixoderm was a trustworthy and well-loved brand but I never knew that it could be used to treat pimples. I have only recently come to know how Nixoderm Ointment is effective in treating pimples.

It usually doesn’t take long for me to see effectiveness, after 1-2 days of using Nixoderm Ointment, I can see immediate improvement with my skin. The most significant change that I have noticed after using Nixoderm Ointment is that my pimples have generally become smaller.

My favourite thing about Nixoderm Ointment is probably that whenever I feel like there are pimples underneath my skin that are ready to pop out, I will apply it onto the affected area and the pimples will disappear on the next day!

I really love how Nixoderm Ointment works in treating pimples! Even my husband who has severe pimples on his forehead is using it as well! Just like mine, his pimples have always been able to heal in about 2 days. Here’s to one more thing that we both love and can share!


Her skin problem

The hope of having clear and acne-free skin seems like it’s never going to be realized for me as pimples will appear on my face regularly every month.

Sometimes, the really big ones will even appear 3-4 times in a month and leave me with visible acne scars.

I am not willing to let other people know that I have pimple problems so I would always put on thick make-up to cover the redness and bumps.

Despite having regular pimple problems, I rarely used skincare products that treated pimples since I always felt that my skin would heal itself naturally, it’s just that it would take a longer time.