testimonial-Suryati Pauline

Suryati Pauline

I love how I can just take the Nixoderm Ointment everywhere as the size is very pocket friendly. Whenever I’m going out, I will put one in my bag just in case.

Her story with Nixoderm
Mualima Sukadi

Mualima Sukadi

My favourite thing about the Nixoderm Ointment is that whenever I feel like pimples are ready to pop out, I will apply it on the affected area and the pimples will disappear the next day!

Her story with Nixoderm

najihahzammbri17 (Shopee user)

Berkesan untuk jerawat. Jerawat kecut. Saya pakai untuk badan dan muka. Dua dua berkesan.  Thank youuu. Akan repeat 👍

el_faroul (Shopee User)

A very good products. You can feel the difference immediately after using it. Highly recommended products.

wildfloe (Shopee user)

Sangat2 membantu atasi breakout. Muka yang dulu breakout gila dah makin ok. Memang susah dah jerawat nak naik. Jerawat yang dulu pun dah hilang.

ceoofdaisy (Shopee user)

Result lepas pakai seminggu, my skin sebelum ni berminyak and now happy gilaaaaa dah x berminyak and dekat muka pun jerawat dah kecut!!

devirajeeswary (Shopee user)

My second time buying this product. I have acne prone skin and this gel has reduced my breakouts. I wear mask almost all day and yet no acne. Absorbs well and aids in scar healing.

jomberjimat2018 (Shopee user)

Product terbaik yang pernah guna untuk masalah jerawat. Sangat pantas jerawat kering. Bau wangi & tiada warna bagi memudahkan guna pada waktu pagi & petang.

joselyn03 (Shopee user)

Nixoderm is what I’m searching for, economic yet effective. This facial wash is smell-less (fragrance free as advertised), transparent, & wouldn’t produce much foam yet its cleaning effect is obvious after first use.

nuufaa98 (Shopee user)

Mild to skin. Tak buat muka jadi terlampau kering lepas cuci. Cleanser ni jenis tak berbuih sangat. Saiz botol kecik je travel friendly. Might repeat buying this cleanser again.

zazabebear (Shopee user)

For someone who have eczema, this brand saved me from flare up itchiness, less scratching, less damages on my skin. Highly recommended for any skin problems. Works great on sensitive face.

naniemk (Shopee user)

2nd time purchasing. It’s really good for my sensitive skin. It moisturises my skin after washing. My skin is dry-normal combination. Gets irritated easily when it’s dry so this soap is really good for me.

ohminashi (Shopee user)

This product really moisturize my skin and my skin started to become clear. This is the best moisturizer lotion I ever wear for a dry skin like me.

devirajeeswary (Shopee user)

My first time trying it. It has done wonders for my dry skin and strawberry bumps. Absorbs fast and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky

nurfatin2788 (Shopee user)

Tried the sample. I really like it. Clean my face without tightened feeling.

stuffslayer (Shopee user)

Really love this cleanser, mild and gentle. My skin got better after breakout.

ija_zaliza (Shopee user)

Nice.. Smell good. Banyak kali dah repeat.. Best bau dia.. Wangi.. Sesuai dengan kulit saya.

aiujerling (Shopee user)

Good quality product! Smells just nice not overpowering, very relaxing as well.

skullyskulla (Shopee user)

The soap is good for my skin. Ada panau or itchy gatal² skin, cuba guna Nixoderm soaps. inshaaAllah mujarab. Recommended 👍🏼

sarah.je.saw (Shopee user)

Got rid of these tiny rashes from mosquito bites I had on my legs real fast. Smells good.. keeps the skin feeling nice and clean.

kaka22_8 (Shopee user)

My wife love the smell, she says after using it the hand doesn’t feel as dry as the other brands.

fazmie24 (Shopee user)

Sabun cuci tangan Nixoderm wangi sangat dan lembut pada tangan.

sercrazy (Shopee user)

Love the scent and texture of it as it is not sticky. Satisfied.

syahirahruslan (Shopee user)

I ada masalah alergi kat jari tangan bila pakai brand ni kulit kembali normal.

zachery_noordin (Shopee user)

Love the products and it is very good for those who have sensitive skin.

wannmahirah (Shopee user)

Senang untuk dibawa kemana sahaja and muat dalam beg so best lah.